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Make her Cum Steam Workshop update

Hello, my dear perv’s

Today we bring you our “Boba” Update.

Boba Bitch is one of the first adult content creators we have managed to partner with and introduce her as a model in our game.
So now, you can start playing with her and take a shot at Making her Cum!!!

More about Boba here: 


Another prominent feature added with this update is the Steam Workshop.

Now you can fully edit and personalize your girls, and, should you wish to, share them with the community.
Or, maybe you don’t really have time to create your own girls?
With the Workshop now you will be able to play with the girls created by the Make Her Cum community.

With this update, you can edit the looks and wants, and likes of each girl.
So, do you like the way Zola looks?
But, do you want her to fully enjoy anal?
No problem, with this update you can edit Zola to be your dream girl.

In the coming days, we will do a tutorial/ guide on how to fully utilize the Character Editor.


Strip’Em II: Facka’s Game

The sequel to the original Strip’Em is here:

Strip’Em 2: Facka’s Game

The sequel to the original Strip’Em is here:

Strip’Em 2: Facka’s Game

Strip ‘Em II is not just a poker game, it’s a Fuck ‘Em poker game, one where you get sexy ladies to play with you and, should you win, strip for you and even more.

Full game features:
– Over 1000 sexy or full of sexual content images!!!
– 5 female characters
– Story Mode: Preset matches that follow a story. Will you be a champion and fuck them all or will you be humiliated by the best female amateur poker players?
– Freestyle Mode: This allows you to play against any of the ladies, and play against one or 5 at the same time.

– A nice, relaxing audio atmosphere.
– A very nice relaxed Texas Hold’Em poker mechanic. Including different Poker Limit Rules, Tournaments or Cash Games, and optional use of a short card deck.
– Difficulty modes: You can either win very easily or play hard!

Strip’Em II: Facka’s Game

Hello, fellow pervs,
On the 29th of July 2022,
we will release Strip’Em II, the successor of Strip’Em, a strip and fuck’em poker game.
You can find more details about the game here:

We would like to offer you a chance to win a Steam Key that will give you pre-release access to the game. This means you can play the game 1 week before everyone else.
All you need to do is to follow our Twitter account :
Like, re-tweet and comment on this thread:
And Wishlist the game on Steam.

We will do a draw and give away 10 Steam Keys on the 21st of July 2022.

Terms and Conditions:
18+ old ONLY, Twitter account older than 2 months and have a minimum of 3 followers on the account.

Make her Cum Character Creator Update

Hey fellow [b]pervs[/b],

Today we launch the [u][b]Character Creator[/b][/u] update. Alongside some minor bug fixes, this update brings you the first part of a full, in-depth [b]Character Creator[/b].

With this update, you will be able to [b]create[/b] new girls;

select different faces and edit them;

select different body shapes and edit them, and [b]change[/b] hair, clothing, and shoes.

You can also [b]edit[/b] the colors for eyes, skin, clothing, hair, and nails.

On top of this, we have added [b]more[/b] clothing articles and 3 new girls: Zola, Fane, and Daphne.

In the next update, we will add more to the [b]Character Creator[/b] system, specifically the option to select, edit or create new [b]personalities[/b] for your girls. This will affect what toys they enjoy and when they enjoy them.

After that, we will implement Steam Workshop which will allow you to share your creations with the community and also allow you to import creations of other players.

Of course, over the coming updates, we plan to add even more clothing articles, animations, and poses.

If you would like to support the development of the game, please take the time and leave a steam review, share our Twitter ( ) or follow us on RedIt ( ).


DreamBig 3

DreamBig 3 is the continuation of the “DreamBig” puzzle game series.

DreamBig 3 is an adult game with 2 play modes: a Puzzle Mode and a Story Mode

1) A puzzle mode, with increasing difficulty

2)A story mode where you will be able to follow the story of each event.

The game is rich in sexual content and full of sexiness.
Meet our 5 ladies and enjoy them over the 140 High Quality renders split into 5 stories.

Make her Cum 

Make her Cum is an Adult toy-play Simulator where you will be able to use sex toys to bring a variety of ladies to orgasm.

The game has a multitude of toys already available for you to use on our sexy ladies.

High Definition models, animated and eager for you to make them cum like they never have before.

Right now, the game mechanics allow you to use dildos, hands, fingers, tongue, and anal beads.

Start by undressing the ladies, change their positions and use the correct toys to make them all cum.

New game released and Update for Perfect Date

Hello, fellow pervs,

We have just updated Perfect Date ( Update ) and we have also released a new game: DreamBig 3.

DreamBig 3

DreamBig 3 is the continuation of the “DreamBig” puzzle game series.

It is an adult game with 2 play modes: a Puzzle Mode and a Story Mode

1) Puzzle mode, with increasing difficulty

2) Story mode where you will be able to follow the story of each event.

The game is rich in sexual content and full of sexiness.
Meet our 5 ladies and enjoy them over the 140 High Quality renders split into 5 stories.

Perfect Date Update

Ruby Update“, a major content update that brings you a new girl, Ruby, a hot threesome date and, as an experiment, Voice Acting ( for now only available during Ruby’s Date ). If the response is positive, we will add voice acting to the older and new dates In the future.

To access any follow-up dates with a girl, check her options on the Tablet.

So, 2 dates, over 350 renders, more massages, new drinks, voices, and the story is going forward.

On top of this, a few minor and annoying bugs were squashed and a few changes to the code to allow dates with multiple girls.
Also, we added a “Text Speed” setting to control the text-type speed and a “Voices Volume” setting to control the volume of the voices in the game.


Make her Cum UPDATE

Hello, my fellow pervs!

To celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, we have added a couple of goodies:

  • Voice acting – now, all the girls have a unique voice, one that we hope matches the character of each girl.
  • Valentine’s Day Event – you can access it from the UI once you load any girl. Look for the gift ;).
  • A new girl – Please welcome Jaelyn, our newest recruit. She is here and eager to please.
  • New pose – We have added a new pose and its required animations
  • Hand Interaction – We have added a system that will allow you to direct a girl to use her hands to help you Make her Cum. This system is dependent on the pose used, on some poses you can’t direct her to reach for her pussy, on other poses you can only use one hand at a time.
  • New clothing – We have added a new clothing set. Right now, it’s only usable within the Valentine Event, but we plan to add a clothing library soon. Then, you will be able to choose the clothing used by any girl.

Dev log for the first half of January

Howdy people, we hope the New Year’s going good for you. For this month, we are focusing on our game “Perfect date” on which we have made about 100 renders so far, and the text for a new date is already written. We have also done some coding to implement the threesome dates. We have more exciting news coming soon, so stay tuned! 

Our new girl wants to make your day better with her exotic pole dancing 😉



Dream Big Games – Year end dev log.

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been working tirelessly for both our 2D game “Perfect Date” and our 3D game “Make her cum” . We concluded last year’s development with these updates for our games.

3D game – “Make her Cum”

Introducing a new toy, “Sex plug” in the game to use it on your girls.

This will allow you to have the plug inserted in their ass or pussy while playing with them with another toy.

The plug will increase the pleasure bar, or the displeasure bar, depending on the girl’s preference for the stage that you are on.

Some girls like to feel that they are plugged in, some don’t like it at all, and some like it only at specific stages.

We will let you discover when and with whom you should use it.

Improved the vagina, made the materials look better and less stretched in the animations. Also, this will allow us to animate the clit and the pussy lips in the future, as we add more interactions with the pussy.

Replaced the lube sound when using the bottle.

2D game – “Perfect Date”

We have implemented a new date with Parris. Do you have what it takes to score this date with Parris? Make the right choices and get yourself a lovely treat from Parris. 

In this update, you will be meeting Ziggi for the first time. It’s all in your hands as to how the date will go with Ziggi.

New game is coming soon!

The development has already been started for a sequel to DreamBig 2. In this game you will be able to reconnect with Cyndy from Cyndy: A porn adventure, stay tuned for new updates! 

Thank you for reading this, we wish you a wonderful year ahead! 



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