Make her Cum Steam Workshop update

Hello, my dear perv’s

Today we bring you our “Boba” Update.

Boba Bitch is one of the first adult content creators we have managed to partner with and introduce her as a model in our game.
So now, you can start playing with her and take a shot at Making her Cum!!!

More about Boba here: 


Another prominent feature added with this update is the Steam Workshop.

Now you can fully edit and personalize your girls, and, should you wish to, share them with the community.
Or, maybe you don’t really have time to create your own girls?
With the Workshop now you will be able to play with the girls created by the Make Her Cum community.

With this update, you can edit the looks and wants, and likes of each girl.
So, do you like the way Zola looks?
But, do you want her to fully enjoy anal?
No problem, with this update you can edit Zola to be your dream girl.

In the coming days, we will do a tutorial/ guide on how to fully utilize the Character Editor.


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