Hey people,

I’ve got another project going on. This one is a Poker Game, called “Strip ‘Em “.
Strip ‘Em, is not just a poker game, it’s a Fuck ‘Em poker game, one where you get sexy ladies to play with you, and should you win, strip for you and even more.
The game is almost done, the code is all there, the renders are done 80%. In just a few weeks, we will release it on Steam. Until then, we have a demo free for anyone.
The demo has around 100 images and you can play games against some fo the ladies that will be available in the full game. It has 4 preset matches, and the full game has 2 game modes: Story Mode, where you will play against preset matches and must beat the lower tiers to be able to advance, and the Free Mode, where you can play against 1 or 4 ladies of your choosing.
Full game features:
Over 700 sexy or full of sexual content images!!!
5 female characters, with the framework to add even more at a later date.
Story Mode: preset matches that follow a story. Will you be a champion and fuck them all? Or will you be humiliated by the best female amateur poker players?
Free Mode: this gives you the option to play against any of the ladies, play against one for four at the same time.
A nice, relaxing audio atmosphere. This can be controlled from the Options Menu.
A very nice Texas Hold’Em poker mechanic. We really hope you enjoy this, the coder spent a lot of time over this!

All this being said, enjoy!
Mega Link for the Demo:!NT50kCqT!aU9tbKNKLyWncMetmgK_yUUDwoEFtU4ydtj0MA-Hb2M

Strip’Em Galery
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