Vikings: Sex and Blood  V.0.4

Hello everyone,

Finally the Vikings: Sex and Blood  V.0.4update is HERE .

This update took way longer than expected, as I spent a good deal of time enhancing already existing visuals and also did some changes to the code. Unfortunately, this means that this update will need to be a full download, we can do a patch for it.

A few new visuals from this update:

NSFW visuals in the Patron only post 😉

Also, regarding future plans for the next update:

– add a building system: this would allow you to build your own houses and assign Love Interests to them. As we progress with the game and add new LI, you will need to build a house for them, in order to be able to interact with them.

– add a Fight mechanic: this will be needed for the raids that you will launch on other villages and towns of the realm.

– add the World Map: again, needed for raids.

– We will host a poll soon, to decide on witch characters will be the main focus of the next update content. Probably next week, “Fantasy Initiator” and higher tiers will be able to vote for Freya, Lei, Yrsa or Kai as the focused character.

V0.4 Changelog:

The First Raid – Get revenge for the attack on the village.

Training Events With Freya — Test your might against the sword-maiden in a three-stage quest with six variations. Break Shields, Shed Blood and Make an impression.

A New Role In Town — Obtain a position of influence in the village as Hilda’s replacement. Manage resources in the storehouse as Krokr’s very own Quartermaster.

A Brand New Love Interest — Lei’s been taken by the same marauders who invaded the village, only they escaped unharmed. Hunt them down and bring her back to safety.

Unraveling Kai — New interactions that help to illuminate who she is and what her motivations are.

Astrid‘s Herb Quest — Assist the village witch in acquiring a special herb, but be wary lest you end up somewhere frosty…

A Special Spying Event — Observe Sindri in her quarters and begin a quest-line that’s filled with spice!

250 new static visuals (for a total of 950 visuals)

11 new animations ( 40 total animations )

A rework of more than 300 visuals to increase the quality and design of the game.

Various rearrangements to the allocation of stats and relationship points to make the game flow better. We are continuously tweaking this process as time goes on and more content is added.

A Revamped Audio System : We’ve added over 40 theme-fitting songs for unique events; we’ve added over 100 SFX for nearly every event in the game (battle noises, doors opening, etc). We hope to continue adding more depth and richness to our sound design to further immerse the player in the savage world of Vikings: Sex and Blood.

Get access to the new update: Vikings: Sex and Blood  V.0.4 HERE .

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